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The epitome of my bicycle design is the custom bike. Unfortunately demand for a full-custom Jones (built by me) has exceeded my capacity and I am not taking any more orders (or adding names to a waiting list) for the foreseeable future – I'm still building though. The challenges and creativity of custom builds however have certainly inspired, and lead to, the stock framesets and my custom process is evolving – I love to design custom bikes for individual customers.

Jeff Jones Custom bicycles

My bikes don't fit into a category and don't always look what bike journalists like to term "standard" because my bikes are not designed to fit into a certain category. They are designed to work, ride, function and handle a certain way. How a Jones looks is a function of the design. The old adage that form follows function is certainly true when looking at a Jones.

A custom Jones is built for an indivudal based on their physicality, riding style, terrain and preferences. I'm not going to be pigeon-holed by marketing campaigns, foreign manufacturing requirements or some CFO telling me what part spec makes sense. My only guide is a vast knowledge of bicycles, years of experience, and the rider's desires.

tn-cus1.jpg tn-cus2.jpg tn-cus3.jpg tn-cus4.jpg tn-cus5.jpg

My philosophy is that if you let each part or system of the bike do what it needs to do to the fullest extent, without interference from other parts or systems, then the bike will respond in performance. When parts or systems might interfere with one another, I give priority to the part or system that demands priority. This is based first on safety, second reliability, third on desired performance, and fourth: lowest weight.

You'll understand as soon as you ride a Jeff Jones bicycle. The Jones ride, and thinking, is evident in all of my bikes, custom or stock.

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