Dealer Water bottle mounting clamp for truss fork

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Dealer Water bottle mounting clamp for truss fork

This is a single modified Cateye BS-5 (HB-5 for the titanium version) light/accessory clamp that allows you to mount a water bottle cage on leg of your truss fork (using 2), or an Anything Cage (using 3).  Available in two sizes to fit the steel and titanium truss forks, the clamps have a machined aluminum insert and come with washers and two high-quality stainlesss steel bolts: one 25mm bolt for use with a bottle cage, and one 30mm for use with the Anything Cage, or similar thick-walled cages.  We've trimmed the spacers to fit each respective size of fork leg, so all you have to do is choose the right bolt for your application, mount them, and go!  Sold as single clamps so that you can get either 2 or 3 per side of the fork.  Take a look at the photos for recommended comfigurations to work with the different cages.

Quick breakdown of how we like to use these clamps:

  • For water bottle cages like a king cage: use the shorter bolt with 1 small washer underneath the bolt head.
  • For thick-walled cages like the Anything Cage: use the longer bolt with 1 large washer underneath the bolt head, and 3 small washers between the cage and the clamp.
  • Your cage may vary, so make sure everything looks good, and swap bolts and washers as needed.
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