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The Duro Crux is one of the largest 29" tires on the market, and we are big fans!  The tire has big knobs for great traction, a supple sidewall, and huge volume, giving it an incredible ride!  These are hard to get ahold of, but after working on it for about a year, we are very excited to have them available for sale!  

Not tubeless ready.



1215g per tire

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    Duro Crux 29x3.25" tire

    Posted by JB on 25th Jul 2017

    Great tire! They grip really well in technical terrain, but still roll really well on pavement (I ride to the trailhead). The sidewalls are very supple, which seems to allow them to roll over bumps and rocks with ease. I'm 220 lbs without gear, and ride moderate technical trails in the mid-Atlantic.
    On Velocity Dually rims, the tread measures 3.25", but casing measures 3", Compared to other 29+ tires, they have a noticeably larger outer diameter. I am using them on a Surly Ice Cream truck, and the rear wheel nearly max out the frame in terms of diameter. I had to make special provisions for my frame bag strap, as the clearance was that tight with the seat tube. I look forward to also trying one one the front of my Krampus, and like these way better than the Knard (which I previously liked)

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    Super Meaty

    Posted by MikeyLikeyBikey on 30th May 2017

    These are really big tires! It took some fiddling to get them to fit my Thule roof rack's rails! The ride is really supple, Rocks and chunk are a blast to roll over. It almost feels like I have a suspension fork instead of a rigid truss!! Only deep sloppy mud would make it feel vague. A word of advice: don't run the pressures too low. I had the Surly Knard 3.0 before this and ran those at 10lbs. (I weigh around 155.) I was tempted to run these even lower, but I ended up pumping in around 10-11 lbs. because anything below that would have significant sidewall squirm and possible burping.
    I set them up tubeless and they sealed up quick and easy (despite not being TR).
    My only downside is not the tire's fault. My digital tire pressure gauge failed to read the proper pressure one time and I ran the tire probably much lower than my norm and after a series of fast drops I blew the tire off the rim and in the process damaged the sidewalls as they scraped against some sharp ziptie ends attached to my fork.
    I reluctantly had to replace a fairly new tire with a lot of tread life left. Like I mentioned earlier. Run the proper pressure!!
    I've since replaced them with the new Vee Rubber Bulldozers. At also 3.25 they seem a tad smaller but I did notice the sidewalls seemed a bit stiffer. Review on those to come!

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    Duro Crux 29 x 3.25

    Posted by Kelly on 1st May 2017

    Good looking tires, very meaty! Haven't had a chance to test them yet with all the rain in the area. Traction looks to be noticeably better than the Chupas that came with my bike. Hunter @ jones bikes was supper helpful with my order and is cool to deal with. Thanks JB for being just about the only place to order these from.

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    Duro Crux 29 x 3.25

    Posted by Kelly on 30th Apr 2017

    Tires are for my Trek Stache 5. I haven't tested them yet due to frequent rain. Tires are very knobby and durable looking, time will tell. Specs are hard to find on these tires, not sure if 60 or 120 tpi. Not sure why these are not being sold more places.