Old Man Mountain Pioneer Rack

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This is the main rack that we recommend for the Jones Plus because it has lots of tire clearance.  The top is solid and acts as a fender too!  We sell the rack with the 8" extenders and P-Clamps to fit perfectly on the Jones Plus.  Note that the configurations of this rack for the diamond frame Jones Plus LWB have fewer parts than most of the options that Old Man Mountain sells directly, hence the lower price.  The configuration for the steel Spaceframe Jones Plus LWB has more parts, hence the higher price. This is the setup that we've settled on for the Jones Plus, but it may not work ideally with other types of bikes.  

Please choose your Jones Plus LWB frame type.  Currently, we only offer Old Man Mountain Pioneer racks that are configured for the Jones Plus LWB frames. 

Rack with hardware weighs approximately 2lb 4oz/1020g.

Note: If you mount it in one of the lower rack bosses on the seatstay of the diamond frame Jones Plus LWB, you will need to remove one or two of the bolts from the bosses above the ones in which you install it so that the rack doesn't hit them!