Shim Set-Jones

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Shim Set-Jones
JONES H-Bareg; Shim Set
This is a set of two shims to make a 25.4mm handlebar fit into a 31.8mm stem.
These wide shims extend out past the stem clamp on each side to reduce the chance of crimping or gouging of the bar from a crash or from over tightening of the stem by spreading out the stress over a greater area at the edge of the stem clamp.
Stem clamp surface width is 45mm
Overall width is 66mm
Construction:bsp; CNC machined aluminum, anodized black with laser etching.

For use with all H-bars that have a 24.5 mm cross tube or for converting any older 25.4 mm bar to the current 31.8 mm standard.

The new Jones H-Bars are now built with a 31.8 mm center section and do not require the shim set.