Jones Plus LWB 135 Frame and Fork set

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Available in 24" (Jones Medium) only.  If you want a Jones Plus to use with a Rohloff Speedhub, or if you just want a Jones Plus that works with a standard 135mm quick release rear hub, this is your frameset!  

135mm QR rear, 142x15mm TA front.  150mm fork available separately in steel or titanium.

The 24" (Jones Medium) size Plus, will fit riders between 5'7" and 6'2" well.  Standover is approximately 31.5". 

Please check out the Jones Plus 148 TA in steel or titanium for the 25" (Jones Large) size, and the 23" Steel Spaceframe Plus for the 23" (Jones Small) size!

Available in Black.


This is a frame, fork, EBB (bottom bracket) and front axle.


I did not design this bike based on market research, a reaction to what other people were making, or because people were suggesting I make ‘this’ bike or ‘that’ bike – their idea of what I should do next. I made this bicycle because I wanted it and I think many others will love it too. I realized that I do not need or want a bike that has the absolute shortest wheel base possible for every ride, and I knew that you don’t need to have a steep head or seat angle to have a responsive bike that is fast, efficient and comfortable.

I designed my 29er bike years ago with a slacker seat tube angle, slacker head tube angle, shorter reach, lower BB and more fork offset than what was considered correct and normal at the time. I did this for a better ride based on what I had learned, not because it was popular. Nowadays many 29ers have more fork offset and slacker seat tube angles etc. Some have even branded and marketed this change in geometry… I never named my geometry, but if I did, let’s call it “JJ1 Geometry”, then this Jones Plus has “JJ2 geometry”. I spent hours working on it – centering the rider, considering the BB height, the angle and offsets, the rake and trail – the ride is everything.

People might try and simplify it – “it’s just a long wheelbase Jones with 29+ tires” but it isn’t. It’s so much more. It is NOT slow handling. I’ve done so much work to make it still ride the way I want a bike to ride. Hours of geometry drawings and thinking. Notes and testing. This is really even more of a ‘rigid specific geometry’ for a ride that is much more comfortable and stable yet still with very quick handling. It is balanced in a way you wouldn’t expect. It’s big but feels right. You ride very much in this bike. There’s no roughness, no “I’m gonna crash” sensation or fears. It’s just smooth! And it climbs. If you stand there’s no wheelie. It’s planted. It delivers excellent traction and a huge sweetspot (and I don’t mean the tire contact area  – I’m talking about the big space for the rider to move around (in the bike) and still have their position, the grip and the power transfer working for them).

The Jones Plus is a bike for riding fast, slow, the rough with the smooth; safely, aggressively, laid-back or raging; with a big load or stripped to the bare essentials; on road, dirt, mud, snow; in the mountains, on the flat lands, around town or across the county; around the world or your local loop; for getting rad or just getting away. It sets a new standard for bikepacking yes, but it’s so much more than that – it’s a bike for technical trails and big trips. It really does it all. I’m really excited by this bike. It’s good.


Jones Plus (24” and 25” effective top tube sizes | 29+ (and 29) tires)

• Unique Jones Geometry frameset – frame and forks designed as one.
• EBB For geometry adjustment and single speed chain tension.
• Steel Diamond frame and Truss fork
• 4130 cromo (custom-butted top and down tubes)

• Excellent clearance for 29+ tires (10mm+ clearance either side with a 29+ tire – with 29er tire you can get a palm in between the tire and stays).
• Ample chainring/stay clearance
• Huge frame pack capacity (Jones bikepacking bags available).
• TIG welded – brazed on cable guides, bottle, rack and fender bosses.
• Multiple rear rack and fender mounts for the best rack/fender/tire size fit (extra bosses allow you to have the rack at a height to suit the tires/wheels) so very versatile and accommodating of different equipment and different set-ups.

• Jones Truss fork – comfortable, precise handling, no brake stutter.
• 135/142mm thru-axle front hub – for more front wheel stiffness and strength.
• Fork accommodates 29, 29+, 27.5 x 3.8" and 26 x 4.8” tires

For drivetrain and wheel suggestions/requirements, please look at the supplemental manual for the Jones Plus 135.

Geometry details:

The frame has a 67.5 degree head tube angle with 76mm of fork rake/offset for a short trail measurement so the handling is quick even with such a slack head angle. This is twice as much fork rake as many 29ers had. The 71 degree seat tube angle can be used with a straight seatpost and will give a similar seating position as the 72 degree seat tube angle with a set back post on a Jones 29. Tall riders or riders that want to sit further back may want to use a set-back seat post. The chainstays are 19″.

There are two sizes: 24″and 25″. This is the effective top tube measurement. The 24″ size (with a straight post) has a very similar fit as the 23″ Jones 29 frame with a set back post (the seat-tube is two inches shorter than the 25″ size). It is just a little longer in reach to the bars and the bars are little higher. The 25″ size with a very short reach stem can be set up so the cockpit position is the same as the 24″ size but you get a massive frame for carrying more stuff and a longer wheel base for a smoother ride, for adventures. And it will fit tall rider with a set back post and longer stem (custom extra long steerer tubes are available to raise bars even more). Both sizes with stem, seatpost (set-back or straight) and EBB adjustments can be fine-tuned and adapted for different styles of riding and rider. A short wheel base is not the only way. Long has many benefits.

EBB versatility
The eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) ensures the Bottom Bracket BB height is adjustable. When using the smaller 29″ wheels (tires) you put the BB at the top of the EBB to keep the BB height the same as when you have taller 29+ wheels and the BB at the bottom of the EBB. You can also run the BB at the bottom for a extra low BB with 29″ wheels, or run the BB at the top with 29+ wheel for a higher BB. BB drop: BB in top position – 76mm, BB in bottom position – 88mm. More information in this blog post.

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  • 5
    Plus LWB frame

    Posted by Adam on 18th Jun 2018

    I had never ridden a Jones bike before purchasing this frame. I read every article and review I could find about the bike. I've been a convert to the H-Bars and Loop bars for some time, so I knew that Jeff was into improving ride and handling. I struggled a bit with some of the options that would not be available to me with the 142mm front hub spacing, primarily relating to the use of a dynamo. After exploring adapters and potential machining of a 150mm hub, I've decided to try a Velogical Dynamo- I hope it works!

    I chose this particular frame with the 135mm rear spacing because I'd purchased a used Rohloff hub awhile back and this was the only model that fit. I did the build myself and I generally followed Jeff's recommendations. I used SunRingle MuleFut 50mm rims, King headset, Loop bars, zero offset seatpost, 170mm cranks (older Ritchey compact fit perfectly and had a low Q) and the eccentric in the lowest position. I also used a 203mm rotor in front, back has a 160. Tires are FatBNimble 29x3.0 (they actually measure 2.7-2.8")

    The frame arrived well packaged and relatively timely. I was fortunately around to sign for it when it arrived. Instructions were good and included torque specs, which I appreciated, especially as the upper and lower bolts of the fork differ. The eccentric bottom bracket is super sweet for single speed/geared hub applications and it was a breeze to set up and adjust.

    First pedal around the yard and I thought, "this is a big bike" and it is, but as other reviewers have commented, the bike disappears under you. The ride is smooooooooth like buttah. I find myself screaming down singletrack feeling fully in control and at ease. Steep descents are the same. Probably one of the more notable things about riding steep technical stuff is that my braking is relatively balanced between front and rear. With other bikes, I tended to favor the rear brake to keep the front from washing out. Curves are another area that are different with the Jones- I don't have to pick a single line - I can pick from multiple lines and change mid curve when I want to and it feels completely natural. The number of "Ooooooh SH**!" moments on this bike is greatly diminished- I feel much more relaxed while riding it. The cockpit is positively cruiser-ish and comfortable, yet there is no performance penalty, in fact, my speed is improved in all riding conditions. Pedaling this bike is unusual in that I don't seem to "hit the wall" or get totally bushed while pedaling hard. The best analogy that I can think of is to compare a full push-up to a half push-up- it's easy to do a lot of half push-ups and it's easy to pedal this bike. The acceleration is startling for a bike of this size.

    I have been an N+1 guy for years and this is the first time that I might be done buying bikes for awhile. This has been a terrific bike for me. I look forward to riding, I have more energy when I ride and I'm much more relaxed- definitely an all around win!

  • 5
    I like it, it works

    Posted by Mark B on 17th Oct 2015

    I purchased the brown 24 in frameset, rims and bar in July/August and so far it is a great set up. I got the jones headset with it and wish they had some better instillation instructions but, with a little patience it goes together. I wish they still offered fork bags It appears PR is no longer producing them. The bike is long but still nimble still working on the headset set up as this does change the handling. It builds much lighter than expected and given that it climbs like a goat, even over loose and wet. I went with dirt wizards and have been happy. The factory bags look fine I went custom cause Oveja Negra is a block from my house and great work and the color match. The bike is better than any other packing rig I have ever tried. I also own an ECR and it is night and day the Plus frame is way better it just sets up better, rides better and is easier to maintain on the trail. I wish they offered hugo rims on the wheel build the rims were built great I wen the Scraper rout and they have worked well and are a super quality build. If I were you I would get one of these