WTB Ranger 29x3" Tire

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The WTB Ranger 29x3" tire is a lightweight 29 Plus tire with a nice rounded profile and well-placed smaller knobs, making it a great all-around tire.  The tread hooks up well in most conditions, and the center knobs are spaced closely-enough to make it roll fast on pavement.  This tire is tubeless ready with WTB's TCS bead.  It uses WTB's light casing, and fast rolling, dual-DNA tread compounds to make a tire that won't weigh you down.  This tire is a bit on the light side for those really rocky parts of the country that tend to destroy tires, so keep that in mind when buying, but if you don't tend to destroy tires constantly, this will be a great tire for you!

945g with hangtag.

Casing width (on 56mm C-Rim): 76mm

Tread width (on 56mm C-Rim): 77mm