Jones 29

Short wheelbase framesets for a nimble, lively ride!  If you ride tight, technical terrain and want the most nimble bike to hop up, over, and around whatever features the trail brings, this is the bike for you! The Jones 29 also makes a great fat-tire road bike!

We offer three ways to get a Jones:

1. Frameset.  You can order your frameset and any supporting parts such as a headset, hub, seatpost clamp, H-Bar, Grips, seatpost, and and stem, to name a few!  

2. Rolling Chassis.  A rolling chassis includes a wheelset, H-Bar, Headset, and usually most of the following: seatpost clamp, seatpost, stem, grips, chainstay protector, and tires.  There are no drivetrain or braking components available with a rolling chassis.

3. Complete Bicycle.  A complete bicycle is ready to ride, and can include options such as racks, fenders and bags if you want.  Sometimes a complete bike comes with pedals and a saddle, sometimes it doesn't, but those are the only parts that we offer the option of not including in a complete bicycle build because we know that many riders already have their favorite saddle and/or pedals.

For either the Rolling Chassis or Complete Bicycle option, just give us a call to get the process started!