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The Jones H-Grips are made of EVA foam, they are very light. They are available in lengths to fit each of the two widths of H-Bars perfectly.  The H-Grips for 710mm H-Bars are 205mm long, and the H-Grips for 660mm H-Bars are 165mm long.  The grips can be used, and will work fine with the bar plugs that come in the H-Bars, but we wanted to include larger, more protective bar plugs with our grips, so that your grips won't get torn up as easily, and that's what these grips come with.  

Jeff also made sure the details are just so: the ends of the grips are beveled to meet the angle of the bar plug, so that the plug can protect the end of the grip better, which is really important when you're laying the bike down on its side.  The bar plugs themselves have a captured nut in the wedge so that when you loosen the bolt to remove the grips, the nut stays in place and the plug comes right out!  And now both the nut and the bolt that threads into it are stainless steel to resist rust!  The longest versions (for 710mm H-Bars) of the grips with their bar plugs weigh about 2.4 oz (60 grams), making them the lightest grips available for the Jones H-Bars and a great option for anyone who's looking to shave some weigh without sacrificing comfort!

Jones H-Grip expanding plugs included!

Grips are sold as pairs.

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    Handlebar Grip Testing

    Posted by Cody on 7th Jul 2018

    I purchased The Jones Gnarwal aero attachment, Kraton H Grips and EVA H Grips all at the same time to test multiple setup options in preparation for doing a triathlon on a fatbike, and for taking that same fatbike to troll around New Zealand with for a month. Other than those two extraneous purposes I primarily use my bike as a commuter for work, weekend shenanigans, and the occasional bikepacking trip. After testing all the varying setup options (H Bar with Kraton grips vs EVA grips, Gnarwal with Kraton grips vs EVA grips) I concluded the following: I prefer the Jones Kraton H-Grips on the handle bars because of their tackier feel which helps my hands feel more secure while riding in a more upright position. I prefer the softer, more "luxurious" feel of the these EVA H Grips with the Gnarwal attachment. I favor the way they feel griping a tube in an "aero" position over the Kraton Grips. I gave these 4 stars because ultimately I preferred the Kraton Grips for my handlebars which is what I imagine most people reading this review will be looking for. However, in the specific instance of choosing between the the offerings the more cushioned feeling of the EVA grips for the aero position offered by the Gnarwal attachment wins out.

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    Foam H-Grips

    Posted by charles westphall on 18th Jun 2018

    Excellent Grips and End Plugs, a little pricey when you add shipping to the price, comes out to 31 dollars n change, but they work great and are super comforable

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    Great grips

    Posted by Emanuel Vasquez on 26th Jun 2017

    I like how the feel while riding and that they are comfortable on long rides.

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    Great grips

    Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2017

    Nice grips, perfect fit on Jones loop

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    Posted by Jake on 6th Apr 2017


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    Nice Grip and improved end cap

    Posted by Patrick Martin on 13th Feb 2017

    At first I was worried these would not be soft enough but after a 100+ miles I have grown used to them. Easy to install (I didn't glue them and no problem so far) and super grippy, they seem to work well in all conditions.

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    Most comfortable bars!

    Posted by Ron on 7th Dec 2016

    Love the bars. I ride moderate single track in the mountains of NH. These bars and grips have made it more comfortable and more fun for me at my tender age of 70. The 50 Durometer grips are a must with the bars.

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    Nice Grips

    Posted by David H on 8th Oct 2016

    I went with the 50 durometer (softer) grips.
    My last ride was on a primitive trail and the grips helped absorb the rough terrain.
    The plugs are well done also.

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    Very Nice!

    Posted by Jeff on 15th Apr 2016

    The most grip for your $$. Plenty of room for different hand positions.