Jones Plus LWB

The Jones Plus LWB has a long wheelbase for a smooth, confident, and comfortable ride, but that's not the whole story: the Jones Plus LWB geometry keeps the handling quick and the bike nimble, making this the ultimate go anywhere and everywhere bike!  Whether it's a trip to the market, a ride on your favorite singletrack, or a trip across the country, this bike broadens the riding horizons, on or off road.

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We offer three ways to get a Jones:

1. Frameset.  You can order your frameset and any supporting parts such as a headset, hub, seatpost clamp, H-Bar, Grips, seatpost, and and stem, to name a few!  

2. Rolling Chassis.  A rolling chassis includes a wheelset, H-Bar, Headset, and usually most of the following: seatpost clamp, seatpost, stem, grips, chainstay protector, and tires.  There are no drivetrain or braking components available with a rolling chassis.

3. Complete Bicycle.  A complete bicycle is ready to ride, and can include options such as racks, fenders and bags if you want.  Sometimes a complete bike comes with pedals and a saddle, sometimes it doesn't, but those are the only parts that we offer the option of not including in a complete bicycle build because we know that many riders already have their favorite saddle and/or pedals.

For either the Rolling Chassis or Complete Bicycle option, just give us a call to get the process started!


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