Jones Eccentric Bottom Bracket

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The new Jones Eccentric Bottom Bracket / EBB

Simple, light, reliable and easy.

This is the same EBB that is included with Jones frame sets that have the newer pinch bolt type bottom bracket shell.

54mm outside diameter

68mm wide

English 1.370" x 24 TPI

The body of the EBB is 4mm narrower than the BB shell to allow for some left to right adjustment.

One piece design, machined from extruded aluminum.

The EBB is supported and clamped in the bb shell at two wide points and not the center for solid clamping with no rocking or creaking.

6mm hex wrench wrench fits the center hole, on both sides, for adjusting position.

Weight: 112 grams

Anodized black with laser etching.

Jones EBB Bolt and Nut Set here

Not compatible with older Jones frames designed for an expanding EBB, without pinch bolts on the bottom bracket shell.

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