Jones Kraton H-Grips

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The new Jones Kraton H-Grips are durable, inexpensive, easy-to-install, and are made especially to fit the two widths of Jones H-bars!

  • The synthetic rubber is very durable.  
  • Deep H-Bar patterning gives you a solid grip.
  • 34mm diameter.
  • Jones H-Grip expanding plugs included.

Available in two colors, which have have different levels of firmness:

  • Black feels like a standard comfortable grip.
  • Clear is our soft compound for those who want maximum squish!

Both levels of firmness are available in lengths to fit each of the two widths of H-Bars perfectly.  The H-Grips for 710mm H-Bars are 205mm long, and the H-Grips for 660mm H-Bars are 165mm long.  The grips can be used, and will work fine with the bar plugs that come in the H-Bars, but we wanted to include larger, more protective bar plugs with our grips, so that your grips won't get torn up as easily, and that's what these grips come with.  

Jeff also made sure the details are just so: the ends of the grips are beveled to meet the angle of the bar plug, so that the plug can protect the end of the grip better, which is really important when you're laying the bike down on its side.  The bar plugs themselves have a captured nut in the wedge so that when you loosen the bolt to remove the grips, the nut stays in place and the plug comes right out!  And now both the nut and the bolt that threads into it are stainless steel to resist rust!

Approximate weights for 205mm grips for 710mm H-Bars, including plugs:

  • Black Kraton: 10 oz
  • Clear Kraton: 9 oz

To sum up how to make sure you get the H-Grip of your dreams: if you want super soft grips, get the clear ones!  If you want standard grips, get the black ones!  Then just choose the width of you H-Bar with the color/firmness you've chosen!    

Grips are sold as pairs.

Installation Instructions: Remove old bar plugs before installation…

1. Kraton rubber: clean handlebar first using alcohol.  Blow grips on using an air compressor, or use alcohol or hand sanitizer as a lubricant to help slide them on (make sure to let them sit for 24 hours if using a lubricant to give it time to evaporate).

2. Insert the expanding bar plugs fully into the end of the bar and tighten to supplied stainless steel bolts using a #2 Phillips screwdriver until the plugs stay in place when you try to move them.

Get the grips installed by a qualified mechanic if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

!WARNING: Always ride your bike with appropriate bar plugs installed.  In the event of a crash, an open handlebar can result in serious injury.  Before every ride always try twisting the grips to make sure they are tight.  Do not ride your bike if the grips are loose because doing so can result in serious injury or even death.  


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  • 3
    Travis Allen

    Posted by Travis Allen on 30th Apr 2018

    Good grips so far!

  • 5
    Larry Sherburne

    Posted by Larry Sherburne on 19th Apr 2018

    Larry Sherburne
    The grips are great for my large hands (11). The coolest is they have grooves on the ends (my dirt bike days) for safety wire securing. I did it. Overall comfy.

  • 5
    Larry Sherburne

    Posted by Larry Sherburne on 18th Apr 2018

    I purchased these grips on purpose. Large hands and comfortable. Best part for me being a motorized dirt bike rider, a groove is available for safety wire. Oh yeah. Nice grips for large hands (11).

  • 5
    Great grips

    Posted by Scott on 15th Apr 2018

    I chose the harder kraton grips and they are exactly what I was looking for. Soft enough for longer rides and they retain their grip when wet. They make it easy to transition between the multitude of hand positions available on the 710 Jones Bar.

  • 5

    Posted by Lucas I. Cuadrado on 12th Mar 2018

    They are PERFECT. Very comfortable. Fit great

  • 4
    Good quality. Easy to put on.

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Mar 2018

    Really like the grips. Perpect fit. Seem durable.

  • 5

    Posted by James on 5th Mar 2018

    Great grips - easy to install - fits great on the Jones H Bars

  • 5
    Great grips

    Posted by Chris on 22nd Feb 2018

    I usually prefer ESI grips, but since they are sold out for a while, I figured I'll give these a try. Glad I did. So much in fact, that I ordered a second set.

  • 5
    Kraton Clear H-Grips

    Posted by Jim Aller on 15th Feb 2018

    Really cool grips and great product. I ordered these with the black H-Bars and after I installed the grips I wished I would have went with the black grips instead but very happy nonetheless. I think the clear bars would look best with the natural finish bars. Very nice grips.