New Dealers

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a Jones Bikes dealer!

Most of our dealers are H-Bar dealers, and that's where we recommend starting, but we do have other types of dealers, including H-Bar and Frameset dealers, and Distributors.  The requirements for each can be found at the links below.  Please read the requirements for the type of dealer you would like to become to make sure they apply to you and fit your needs.  If you are a framebuilder and are interested in using Jones H-Bars or even Jones Truss forks on your bikes, please apply to become an H-Bar dealer.

Click here for H-Bar Dealer Requirements

Click here for H-Bar and Frameset Dealer Requirements     

Click here for Jones Bikes Distributor Requirements     

After deciding which type of dealership fits your needs best, please fill out and submit our online dealer application, found below.

Click here for our Dealer Application. Please fill it out and we will review and notify you of your approval.
Click here for our MAP Policy.
Click here to learn about how we sell.
For dealers outside of the USA, you can become a dealer by submitting the application above to order directly from Jones Bikes, or you can contact your local distributor.