H-Bar® Jones Loop Aluminum 710

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The Loop Aluminium 710mm H-Bar is our most popular H-Bar.  If you're new to the H-Bar, this is the model that we tend to recommend first because its loop design has the widest range of hand positions, its aluminium construction gives the best value, and its 710mm width not only gives you the full range of positions, but allows you to cut it down to the original 660mm width (using the laser-etched cut guides) if you decide that you want something narrower. 

The cross bar on the Loop H-Bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip/twist shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the original H-bar). The continuous front loop of the bar enhances stiffness and is good for additional aero hand positions and mounting lights, GPS devices etc. This bar provides comfort and power with an impressive weight. With the levers in the optimum position you get a wide range of hand and body positions, from fully upright at the ends of the grips, to a tucked aero position when resting your forearms across the crossbar and loop.  In between these extremes, there are many unique and useful positions, making this a true multi-position bar because you'll actually find yourself using all of the positions! The rearward extensions allow extra leverage and a wider hand position - be it for comfort or power. All H-bars are for a 31.8 stem and the crossbar is now tapered and butted with a 31.8 mm clamp area. The grip tubes on the aluminum version are also butted for strength and weight savings.  All H-Bars have a standard 22.2mm diameter grip area.

Try wrapping the crossbar with bartape!  You can wrap both the crossbar and loop (but it helps to leave a gap in the center of the loop to mount whatever gadgets you have), if you want to have the most hand positions!

A common question about the Loop H-bars is whether they work with barend shifters.  The short answer is yes, but we don't like to put them in the ends of the bars for a couple of reasons: especially on the wider 710 H-bars, putting the shifters in the ends of the bars it puts them in a position where they are likely to hit parked cars or trees, as well as moving them farther from the other controls and the main hand positions.  Finally, the grips would need to be modified significantly to accept the cable housing, or the bars would need to be wrapped with bartape, which won't give you quite as much padding as the ESI grips that we have made for the bars.  When we use barend shifters, we mount them on the Paul Thumbies, which have hinged clamps that allow you to mount the shifters in front of the crossbar.  They work great!

525 grams


Available in Black or Silver:

Black Loop H-Bars are bead-blasted and then black anodized for a slightly matte, lightly-textured black finish.

Silver Loop H-Bars are bead-blasted and then clear anodized for a slightly matte, lightly-textured silver finish.  Silver H-Bars are not polished.  

Great for; Mountain bikes and road bikes, Fat Bikes, Touring, Bikepacking Adventures, Singlespeeds, City Riding and more!
Compatible with; Trigger shifters, Gripshift, Shimano twist shifters, Rohloff, (hinged) thumb-shifters and Singlespeeds.
For setup tips, check out the H-Bar Manual!

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  • 5
    710 hbars

    Posted by Mike Cupp on 6th Mar 2018

    I love the hbars!!! Super comfy and adds a lot of fun factor to any of my mtb rides. Might have to pony up for the carbon hbars for my fatty.

  • 5
    H-Bars Aluminum 710

    Posted by Jim Aller on 15th Feb 2018

    Absolutely love the new bars and was very straightforward to install. They work great, comfortable and look awesome. Definitely recommended. Before I ordered I spoke with Jeff a couple times and he was very helpful.

  • 5

    Posted by Keith Donovan on 14th Feb 2018

    Sweet Bars ! Don't forget to order the grips like I did.

  • 5
    H Bar Aluminum 710

    Posted by Ross Wheeler on 24th Jan 2018

    I am fresh off my local trail where after 2 laps my back used to kill me, and my triceps had always been worn out tremendously. A 3rd lap just wasn't possible with my 2012 Trek Super fly hardtail, until now. Only my legs and core got the workout this time. Thank you so much for this great product. Next time I may spring for the carbon! I still need a camo loop bag and look fwd to that too.

  • 5
    H-Bar 710 Aluminum

    Posted by Mike Hopp on 19th Jan 2018

    Comfortable and versatile

  • 5
    H Bar Jones Loop 710

    Posted by Steve Wischmann on 16th Jan 2018

    This bar is the most comfortable I have tried. It gives me the best control. I wouldn't ride with anything else.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave Goggin on 7th Jan 2018

    The H-Bar is meeting all of my expectations and then some. They arrived on time and without wasteful packaging. The installation was easy and my rides since have felt more natural and relaxed. I am enjoying longer rides because I am more comfortable. I thought I would just use this for bike-packing but the H-BAR is staying put! The welds are perfect the the design is beautiful and the ergonomics is spot on.

  • 5
    Jones H Bar loop

    Posted by Dale de Kiewit on 2nd Jan 2018

    I purchased my h bar and had it delivered to South Africa. The whole process was easy ans an absolute pleasure .
    I can only review this bar by saying. You bike deserves a Jones H Bar... Every bike deserves a Jones H Bar!! Love it

  • 5
    Jones 710 H-bar

    Posted by Ingrid D'Angelo on 10th Dec 2017

    I’m a 72 year old male rider. In the early 80’s, I purchased a Austro Daimler road bike and have been riding it ever since. It's been a great bike but the traditional drop bars were no longer comfortable after riding 25 or so miles. Hand numbness, neck strain and poor riding position have taken their toll on my body.

    I recently installed the Jones H bar on my old cruiser and the change has been nothing short of remarkable. I’ve only ridden a few miles so far (I live in a northern state) but the enhanced comfort is clearly obvious. The riding issues with my old drop bars are a thing of the past. The H bar’s upright riding position and variable hand grips allows more time to ride easy and enjoy the experience. I’ll soon be going to a warmer, bike friendly part of the country and can’t wait to get some serious riding in. The H-bar upgrade is like having a new bike.