Jones SG Loop H-Bar

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Jones SG Loop H-Bar

The new Jones SG Loop H-Bar uses the same great design as our standard Loop H-Bar, but is available at a lower price by using straight-gauge aluminum tubing in place of the custom-butted tubing on the standard Loop H-Bar.  Jeff wanted to make a Loop H-Bar that would allow more riders to experience the superior comfort, control, and utility of his Loop design without making it any less dependable and useful.  He accomplished this by switching to less-expensive straight-gauge aluminum tubing.  The result is an H-Bar that is just as strong as ever, but which weighs 100g more than the standard version and costs $40 less.  

Comparison between the standard Loop H-Bar and SG Loop H-Bar


Loop H-Bar

SG Loop H-Bar


Custom butted aluminum crossbar and loop

Straight gauge aluminum crossbar and loop


525g (710mm)

625g (710mm)


Passes EN MTB testing

Passes EN MTB testing


660mm or 710mm

660mm or 710mm


Black or Silver

Black or Silver





All Jones H-Bars use a 31.8mm stem clamp diameter, 22.2mm clamp size for controls (standard mountain bike style).  The entire front loop has a 22.2mm diameter.

The Loop H-Bar has the same hand, stem and brake lever position as the original H-Bar but the cross bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip/twist shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the original H-Bar and the Cut H-Bar). The continuous front loop of the bar enhances stiffness and is good for additional aero hand positions and mounting lights, GPS devices etc. This bar provides comfort and power with an impressive weight. With the levers in the optimum position the rider is superbly placed for fast riding while still enjoying all the hand positions available. The rearward extensions allow extra leverage and a wider hand position - be it for comfort or power. All H-bars are for a 31.8 stem. 

Refer to the H-Bar Manual for set-up tips!

Also we highly recommend checking out our selection of grips and bar tape specifically designed for the 710mm and 660mm H-Bars.

Great for; Singlespeeds, 29ers, Fat Bikes, Touring, Bike-packing Adventures, City Riding and more!
Compatible with; Singlespeeds, Trigger shifters, Gripshift, Shimano twist shifters, Rohloff and above the bar hinged thumb-shifters.


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  • 5
    So comfortable

    Posted by Arkady on 17th Jul 2017

    Installed it on my oldschool Specialized Hardrock and it made my rides and commutes much more conformable and versatile.

  • 5
    sg loop h-bar

    Posted by Pete on 13th Jul 2017

    Best handlebar ever. The 45 degree back sweep keeps my forearms and elbows healthy. I would not be riding as much without the Jones bar.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris Malley on 13th Jul 2017

    Loop H-BAR #3, this one's for my Moots YBB mountain bike. The other 2 are on my commuter and touring bikes. I'm hooked! (I'm looped?)

  • 5

    Posted by Scott on 7th Jul 2017

    I installed the Jones SG Loop H-Bar on my Surly Disc Trucker after trying the Surly Open Bar and Nitto Albatross bars. I much prefer the wide H-Bar and my Surly is very comfortable now. The setup reminds me of the Jones bike geometry some with weight on feet and not too much on the bars. I do really want a Jones 29+ bike now though. Maybe a pair in the future and a trip to Oregon...

    Thanks Jeff!

  • 5
    The best, period

    Posted by Ryan on 5th Jul 2017

    What can I say that countless others have already touched in. Bottom line is the Jones Loop H-bars are superior to anything else I have tried. I have them on 3 bikes and could not imagine a world without them.

  • 5
    Awesome bars!

    Posted by Chris Malley on 5th Jul 2017

    Love the H-bar! I started with the more expensive aluminum model on my touring bike. Got totally addicted to the multiple riding positions and all-day riding comfort. So I purchased the SG version for my commuter bike. About to purchase another set for my mountain bike. Well done Jones!

  • 5
    Jones SG loop H-bars

    Posted by Gary D Dire on 3rd Jul 2017

    the angle and length of the bars in addition to the many hand grips has allowed my arthritic hands to continue mountain biking .
    I am now trying to arrange shifters to improve reach of my thumbs and I then hope to be able to do those epic rides I so enjoy.

  • 5
    Exactly what I was looking for

    Posted by Bob Bowling on 28th Jun 2017

    I got tired of leaning down on my full suspension bike and a recent shoulder injury was causing me some pain when riding. These bars have brought to me the comfort that I was hoping for. I also when riding now can pull up on the bars while riding thus increasing the down pressure on the pedals -- a nice added experience of added speed. I rate these bars as excellent and highly recommend them to all riders that are tired of being bent over while riding.
    Bob B

  • 4
    Jones sg loop h-bar

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2017

    I have this bar on my single speed mountain bike. Riding around the driveway I was sure about it. However on singletrack it was great. The hand position on the brakes was just right and i would slip back to the ends for leverage to grind up the hills. Not a 5 rating because of difficulty fitting between trees, but that would be the case with any wide bar.

  • 5
    Best upgrade I ever made

    Posted by Emanuel Vasquez on 26th Jun 2017

    I purchased this handle bar as an upgrade for my 2013 Kona Mountain Fire bike and I love the multiple hand position they offer. I love how handling of the bike gets improved from a flatbar. They are truly comfortable on long rides.

  • 5
    Best upgrade I ever made

    Posted by Emanuel Vasquez on 26th Jun 2017

    I purchase this handlebar as an upgrade for my 2013 Kona Fire Mountain bike and I love how comfortable they are and the multiple hand position they offer. I am planning to use this bike for overnight bikepacking trips this summer.

  • 5
    Jones SG Loop H-Bar

    Posted by Byron Putman on 4th Jun 2017

    I traded in a steep angled, drop bar cyclocross bike for a gravel bike with a relaxed geometry, low gears (28”) and flat bars. Even after performing the usual tweaks, the new bike never felt right. Especially troublesome was the awkwardness of climbing out of the saddle, even with the addition of my favorite bar-ends. In desperation, I preordered the new Jones H-Bar. Installation was a bit challenging; going from a 90mm to 30mm stem yielded enough slack to finish the installation without extending derailleur or hydraulic cables. After soaking in water for 5 minutes, the Jones H-Grips slipped on with a minimal struggle. I completed the remainder of the bar with Gamma cushioned tennis racquet under-grip. The upright position and wide bars were initially awkward, but within a dozen miles, I realized, for the first time, that the bike felt great and I was dialed-in. The real test was getting out of the saddle and honking a 15% grade. Body position was comfortable, balanced and powerful. On my usually 25 mile loop I found that I used nearly every hand position suggested on the Jones video. I was concerned that the sweptback bars would impede tight turns, especially with a short stem, but the long gravel bike top tube provides plenty of clearance. I’m convinced that without the H-Bars I would have sold my new bike and returned to a steeper geometry, dropped bar bike.