Jones SG Loop H-Bar

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The new Jones SG Loop H-Bar uses the same great design as our standard Loop H-Bar, but is available at a lower price by using straight-gauge aluminum tubing in place of the custom-butted tubing on the standard Loop H-Bar.  Jeff wanted to make a Loop H-Bar that would allow more riders to experience the superior comfort, control, and utility of his Loop design without making it any less dependable and useful.  He accomplished this by switching to less-expensive straight-gauge aluminum tubing.  The result is an H-Bar that is just as strong as ever, but which weighs 100g more than the standard version and costs $40 less.  

Comparison between the standard Loop H-Bar and SG Loop H-Bar


Loop H-Bar

SG Loop H-Bar


Custom butted aluminum crossbar and loop

Straight gauge aluminum crossbar and loop


525g (710mm)

625g (710mm)


Passes EN MTB testing

Passes EN MTB testing


660mm or 710mm

660mm or 710mm


Black or Silver

Black or Silver





All Jones H-Bars use a 31.8mm stem clamp diameter, 22.2mm clamp size for controls (standard mountain bike style).  The entire front loop has a 22.2mm diameter.

The Loop H-Bar has the same hand, stem and brake lever position as the original H-Bar but the cross bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip/twist shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the original H-Bar and the Cut H-Bar). The continuous front loop of the bar enhances stiffness and is good for additional aero hand positions and mounting lights, GPS devices etc. This bar provides comfort and power with an impressive weight. With the levers in the optimum position the rider is superbly placed for fast riding while still enjoying all the hand positions available. The rearward extensions allow extra leverage and a wider hand position - be it for comfort or power. All H-bars are for a 31.8 stem. 

Refer to the H-Bar Manual for set-up tips!

Also we highly recommend checking out our selection of grips and bar tape specifically designed for the 710mm and 660mm H-Bars.

Great for; Singlespeeds, 29ers, Fat Bikes, Touring, Bike-packing Adventures, City Riding and more!
Compatible with; Singlespeeds, Trigger shifters, Gripshift, Shimano twist shifters, Rohloff and above the bar hinged thumb-shifters.


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  • 5
    Stop looking, just buy it already

    Posted by Tony on 6th Jun 2018

    Swapped this into my road fattie project....immediate difference in posture, control, and stamina. Fantastic product!

  • 5
    Awesome sauce

    Posted by Dustin on 22nd May 2018

    Great bars, very comfortable with many hand positions and they don't look dorky like Trekking bars do. The price was good for the product you get. Very happy with my buy. The fellas on the bikepacking trails will be jelly.

  • 5
    Jones Loop Bar

    Posted by Ed on 9th May 2018

    Great handlebars, this is my second set. Very comfortable bars, great for touring and just around the neighborhood

  • 5

    Posted by Donn on 25th Apr 2018

    Due to issues related to outliving my own personal Use-By-Date, I was in need of handle bars for my mountain bike that would facilitate the option of upright riding as well as leaned forward. Saw the Jones H-Bar advertised in Adventure Cycling, so I bought a pair along with the cushy (clear grips). As advertized, the bars/grips are very comfortable and allow a few options for riding position. Exactly what I needed. Great job Mr. Jones

  • 5
    Jones Loop-H bar SG

    Posted by Rob C on 23rd Apr 2018

    Wow, what a bar!! I have one on my commuter and one on my fatbike. This bar puts you in a very comfortable, upright and balanced position where you are more centered on the bike. I've noticed while riding with this bar on my fatbike, that I have more balance in tight corners and where I used to have to put a foot down I don't with this bar. Standing to power up a climb is more comfortable (and you get more power) and pointing downhill, I have more stability and better handling as it puts me further back on the bike. For commuting, the aero position is quite comfortable and helpful when pedalling into a headwind. Also, as mentioned on the website, because of the bar's sweep, your hands are at a lower position closer to your body which really relaxed your shoulders on long rides. I may need a 3rd for my full-suspension bike. Fantastic product Jeff!!

  • 5
    Larry Sherburne

    Posted by Larry Sherburne on 18th Apr 2018

    I originally bought these for my son and wife. After I tested them on a bike I had to have them. Very comfy for the distance.

  • 4
    Jones SG Loop H-Bar

    Posted by Thomas Little on 2nd Apr 2018

    Bought one of these and installed on my Fat Bike. Liked it so much, I bought another for my MTB.. Makes the riding experience much more enjoyable. The long grips for this bar are a must.......Highly recommended. I don't think I could go back to the mostly straight bars that come standard on most bikes of the type I own. Thank You, Jeff!

  • 5
    Jones SG loop.

    Posted by DavidGee on 2nd Apr 2018

    I bought the SG loop HBar to replace the Moloko bar that came stock on my Surly Ogre. Firstly, the Moloko is hardly a bad handlebar. I found myself wanting to sit a little more upright however. Put a shorter stem and just wasn't comfortable. Secondly; the internet at this point is saturated with evidence regarding the comfort of the Jones line of handlebars. Lotta fans out there. Got the bar, bolted it on, fiddled with brake and shift lever position a bit and rode it. Much more comfortable. As many hand positions as the Moloko bar has, the Jones bar feels more natural to me. It's a better bar for me.

  • 5
    Jones SG Loop H Bar are super rad

    Posted by Jason on 31st Mar 2018

    Just installed these handlebars on a 2005 Gary Fisher Tassajara that I am working on as a rigid city/touring rig. Wow. These handlebars are amazing, so comfortable. They are just spectacular. I bought a Santa Cruz Chameleon to retire the Tassajara but now that the Gary Fisher is rigid and has the jones h bars all I want to do is ride the Tassajara. The h bars turned an old bike into a bad a$$ rig. Love it. If you have an old mountain bike sitting around slap some h bars on it and bring that dude back to life!