Jones 135/142-F Hub

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The Jones 135/142-F hub. This hub works with the Jones Plus (Thru-Axel) Truss fork. The 15mm axle end caps are pre-installed (the 135mm x 9mm quick release end caps are included in the box). This hub can be converted from 15mm x 142mm through axle to 135mm x 9mm quick release axle. It is compatible with all 135mm Jones forks. The 135mm front spacing allows for wider flange spacing to build a stronger and stiffer front wheel. The hub has 32 holes, black or polished silver, with a laser-etched Jones logo. Holes in the flange and material removed from the inside of the shell and end caps make this a light hub. The flanges are equally spaced so spoke tension can be equal. The flanges are tilted to match the angle of the spokes to reduce stress to the flanges and spokes. All for a stronger, stiffer, lighter wheel.

Hub with end caps for 15mm through axle weighs 180g and hub with end caps for 9mm QR axle weighs 190g. 

Symmetrical / no dish
82mm flange spacing (wider is better!)
41mm from center to flange
58mm hub flange diameter
32 hole
Each hub runs on two 6902 sealed cartridge bearings.