Jones 150-F Hub

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Designed alongside the new boost spacing Jones Plus framesets, this new 150x15mm thru-axle hub builds on the great features of past Jones hubs, while adding an updated axle system that extends completely through the hub, with press-on endcaps that make for a really solid hub interface.  Canted flanges angle the spokes in toward the spoke holes in the rim, and the wide and even flange spacing makes for an extremely strong and stiff wheel.  Cutaways in the flanges and relief inside the hub keep weight to a minimum, making this the perfect center for a super stiff, super strong, super light front wheel!

Hub weighs 211g

Symmetrical / no dish
94mm flange spacing (wider is better!)
47mm from center to flange
58mm hub flange diameter
32 hole
Each hub runs on two 18307 sealed cartridge bearings.