Truss Fork Packs

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The long-awaited Truss Fork Packs are finally here!

The Jones Truss Fork Packs, made by Revelate Designs, are low-profile, secure packs that make use of the rack-like structure of the Jones Truss Fork to provide a very stable and lightweight storage option.  The weight is kept low and close to the axles, which allows you to carry heavy loads without disrupting the handling of the bike.  These packs are the the closest thing to a traditional low-rider pannier setup that can withstand the jarring that a bike goes through when you're off riding over rumbly-hill and bumpy-dale, and have a surprisingly large carrying-capacity.    

After literally years of design work, the Truss fork finally has a pack that makes use of its great, rack-like structure!  There have been many iterations of Truss Fork packs over the years, but this is the largest, most full-featured design to date.   

The mounting system is simple, but extremely secure to keep the packs from moving even when heavily-loaded and used in the bumpiest of conditions.

Made of VX-21 polyurethane-coated X-pac with a bright orange liner so you can see what's inside easily.

Huge #10 zippers with with two pulls and rubberized rain cover are durable and easy to close.   

Compression straps allow you to cinch-down your load.

Small mesh pockets on the outside rear of the packs for small items you don't want to keep inside the pack.

Elasticized accessory pocket inside the pack will fit a water bottle.

17.5" tall x 4-6.5 wide x 4-5.5" deep (tapered design, hence the ranges)

765g/1 lb 10oz per pair.

For mounting instructions, check out the Truss Fork Pack Installation Guide.

For more information on Truss Fork Pack, check out this blog post.

Sold as a pair.