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The new Jones SG Loop H-Bar uses the same great design as our standard Loop H-Bar, but is available at a lower price by using straight-gauge aluminum tubing in place of the custom-butted tubing on the standard Loop H-Bar.  Jeff wanted to make a Loop H-Bar that would allow more riders to experience the superior comfort, control, and utility of his Loop design without making it any less dependable and useful.  He accomplished this by switching to less-expensive straight-gauge aluminum tubing.  The result is an H-Bar that is just as strong as ever, but which weighs 100g more than the standard version and costs $40 less.  

Comparison between the standard Loop H-Bar and SG Loop H-Bar


Loop H-Bar

SG Loop H-Bar


Custom butted aluminum crossbar and loop

Straight gauge aluminum crossbar and loop


525g (710mm)

625g (710mm)


Passes EN MTB testing

Passes EN MTB testing


660mm or 710mm

660mm or 710mm


Black or Silver

Black or Silver





All Jones H-Bars use a 31.8mm stem clamp diameter, 22.2mm clamp size for controls (standard mountain bike style).  The entire front loop has a 22.2mm diameter.

The Loop H-Bar has the same hand, stem and brake lever position as the original H-Bar but the cross bar sweeps forward to allow the levers to go behind the cross bar instead of in front. This gives longer uninterrupted hand positions and will allow trigger and grip/twist shifters to fit on the rearward extensions (unlike the original H-Bar and the Cut H-Bar). The continuous front loop of the bar enhances stiffness and is good for additional aero hand positions and mounting lights, GPS devices etc. This bar provides comfort and power with an impressive weight. With the levers in the optimum position the rider is superbly placed for fast riding while still enjoying all the hand positions available. The rearward extensions allow extra leverage and a wider hand position - be it for comfort or power. All H-bars are for a 31.8 stem. 

Refer to the H-Bar Manual for set-up tips!

Also we highly recommend checking out our selection of grips and bar tape specifically designed for the 710mm and 660mm H-Bars.

Great for; Singlespeeds, 29ers, Fat Bikes, Touring, Bike-packing Adventures, City Riding and more!
Compatible with; Singlespeeds, Trigger shifters, Gripshift, Shimano twist shifters, Rohloff and above the bar hinged thumb-shifters.


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  • 5
    Jones SG Loop H-Bar

    Posted by Mark Loyacano on 17th Jan 2018

    The Jones SG Loop H-Bar replace my MTB flatbar. Hoping that the 45° sweep would add a little comfort for my hands during long rides and add more hand positions as well. After considering other products the search narrowed to this. Wow! This is a wonderful handlebar. I'm happy to say that it improves my hardtail XC's handling and my comfort too. The only thing missing is a Jones Bike to go with it. Thanks so much for the prompt, efficient service too.
    Mark L.

  • 5
    Everything it says it will do.

    Posted by Joe Csandli on 3rd Jan 2018

    I am a 72 year old mountain biker ? X Tennis professional who rides 1-2 times a week. Tried them for the first time last week on a very technical course (Alfalfa State Park) . Rode for 2.5 hrs. on mostly Blues and a few Black diamonds. Had no problem handling my bike. (Santa Cruz Chameleon hardtail) They were a little squirrely at first, but after 15 min. had no problem. Rode with smaller tires with a little extra pressure to keep up with my 45 year old friends! Rode with my bigger tubeless tires yesterday with lower pressure and had complete control. Also had none of the usual neck and shoulder stiffness I usually have on longer rides.
    Thanks for a great product !!

  • 5
    H Bars

    Posted by Jordan on 15th Dec 2017

    These bars are perfect! I put them on my gravel bike and love them. The riding position has more hand positions and its great! I feel in more control since the bars are wider than my flat bars were. Its also nice to have more room to mount lights etc. They are great!

  • 5

    Posted by Craig Woods on 9th Dec 2017

    So far, the best handlebar I've had. My hands go numb on drop bars & straight bars. This angle seems perfect & I can change to so many positions. This is a much more natural angle for my palms.

  • 5
    jones bar review

    Posted by dr. X. on 2nd Dec 2017

    ordered a set of jones bars from the states and got them in mid last week with installation done same day. since then, have put nearly 50 miles riding around in 3 days on a variety of terrain...flat as well as up/down. at first, the bars were a bit uncomfortable as they threw my carefully tweaked riding position off a bit. so, after a bit of internet research, i put a shorter stem on (30 cm shorter) and upped the bar height one spacer and everything worked out great. the bars give a much more natural feel to riding...reminds me of being 10 years old when i would spend days rding around exploring dirt roads on my raleigh 3 speed that my dad bought for me for 4$ at a police auction. the bars also have a much wider variety of hand postions relative to the standard ict bars. it makes it much easier to adjust for riding on the flats, gripping for going uphill, being somewhat areodynamic (if you can really do that on a fatbike) and stretching your back. also, the loop on the front allows for more gear/junk?? to be looped on such as a gps and flashlight. overall, i would give these bars a solid 10/10. yes, i had to pay for these bars along with custom fees with my hard earned $ and have no vested interest or benefits in giving this review.

  • 5
    Loop H Bar

    Posted by Ryan on 23rd Nov 2017

    What can I say that hasn't been said before? They turn your ride, which you thought you knew, into the most comfortable, nimble biking experience. I put em on a Stache 5 ss, and it's awesome. In no time, you're feeling confident and comfortable. Can't wait to try em on bikepacking trips!

  • 5
    Loop bars

    Posted by Gregory Boudreau on 4th Nov 2017

    Tried them out on trail today, hour ride , no tingling fingers! When you put them on you think, man these look odd. But they work , they have a good feel, cornering feels "crisper ", good stuff!!!

  • 5
    Happy Bars!!

    Posted by Joe Daigneault on 31st Oct 2017

    Wow! Why aren’t all bars designed like this?! These H-Bars have made riding my Redline Monocog Flight enjoyable again. Soooo many hand positions. I bought the bars because I’m converting the Cog’r into a commuter and they have made all the difference in the world. Great product, fast shipping, cool sticker included. I actually feel like I’m part of the JONES Family now. And... did I say how dang comforuthese bars are?? Just click “add to cart” now - you won’t regret it!

  • 5

    Posted by Barry de Kock on 22nd Oct 2017

    1. Ordering and delivery painless and fast. All questions answered promptly and covered all questions.
    2. Fitted the handles to my MTB converted touring bike and it is an awesome ride. Very comfortable once dialed in to personal riding preference.
    3. Will recommend this product, good quality, workmanship and riding pleasure.
    Great stuff Jones.